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Hello all,


     I'm having a problem with users being unable to copy/paste text into or out of my FileMaker solution that has me puzzled. The solution is built in FMP12 / FMS 12, and the machines are Win7.


       When I am logged in with full access privileges, I can copy and paste anywhere with no trouble. When logged in as a different user, with a different privilege set, I can not. Instead of pasting the copied text into the field, it pastes what appears to be some kind of control character.


         Both privilege sets have "Available Menu Commands" set to ALL.

        What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.





Apologies if this in the wrong section. Posted here because it appears to be related to privilege set.  Please move if inappropriate.

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What evidence is their of the presence of a control character? You could perform the paste and get the code of the indicator through the Code() function in a calculation. You might want to check the menu set that is loaded when you can not sucessfully paste and see if the Edit>Paste menu command has been redefined. I would caution using cut/copy/paste because it messes with the clipboard and when i do use them I always redirect the edit>paste menu item to appropriatley filter the data before executing the paste.

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This topic is 2921 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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