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Add text to text field based on checkbox

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I have three checkboxes (may add more later on) describing tasks performed on a regular basis

  • Stopped Processes
  • Ran EV Updates Batch
  • Compressed

I also have a Work Completed text field.


I would like to check a box and have its text automatically entered into a new line in the Work Completed text field.


Any help please?

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I wish to be able to inject the text from the checkbox set into Work Completed field.


Why? You already have that text and can simply display it on the separate report in addition to the Work Completed field, e.g. by using Merge fields.

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Maybe I am trying to overcomplicate this


The Work Completed can contain other text as well as the text from the checkbox set,

for example


Powered on

Stopped Processes <<--checkbox entry

Ran BM

Ran EV Updates Batch <<--checkbox entry

Did a bunch of other stuff

Did a bunch more stuff


If I can achieve this simply with another instance of the checkbox set in text format, great, but when it comes to creating  the reports for printing (utilising merge fields as you suggest) how can I instruct FM to show the entries with additional text instead of the original checkbox set?

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a flat piece of text


If that means what I think it means: using List() on the related Log records would give you a CR-delimited list of entries – which is exactly what you would start out with when using a checkbox-formatted fields. Such a list can easily be transformed using text functions.


The crucial differences are that the table approach doesn't require any complicated calculations to merge the contents of two fields, lets you record meta data, and – should that become necessary – allows you to find/sort/summarize the entries by any criterion (also across main table records) – all of which is complicated to impossible when using a single field with a list.

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Work Completed = List(RelatedTable::Logfield).


Yes, but rather than creating a field, I was thinking about capturing that list when needed, transform it as required, then place it onto the report layout as a $$var.

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This topic is 2906 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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