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Change Font on Inactive Tab


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I have searched and surprisingly can't find the answer to something that seems so simple. 


I am trying to change my fonts on the tab controls, but can't seem to change them for the inactive state. Anytime I try to select them even in layout mode it makes it active and only changes the active font. I have tried what seems to be every key combination when selecting them but nothing works.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi GMan,


You can format the Inactive state by selecting "Inactive" in the menu at the top of the Appearance tab of the Inspector.  


In layout mode, select the tab or tabs you want to format — when you shift-click to select more than one tab, you'll have to shift-click twice (albeit not too fast, lest you open the Tab Control Setup dialog) on each tab to get that bold selection rectangle around the label — then find the menu in the Inspector that says "Active" and choose "Inactive" in order to style that state for the selected tabs.  The Hover and Focus states are also available for styling.  You can read elsewhere to learn about using the buttons next to the menu to copy formatting between states or between objects.


Lastly, be sure to save your changes to the Default, or a newly defined custom, style, in order to minimize local formatting on your layout as well as to use the style elsewhere.






[Edit - I just noticed you're still using FM12.  The part above about selecting one or multiple tabs and editing the Inactive state still applies, but you won't be able to save your changes to a custom style, or to the theme itself.  You're stuck with (less efficient!) local formatting in FM12, and will have to repeat the whole process if you've got multiple tab panels on the same or other layouts.]

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Hi gman, 


I moved you topic from "Layouts" to "Custom Themes in FM12” because with the release of version 12, the themes were so different then previous versions of FileMaker, we wanted to isolate the questions so as they wouldn’t be intermixed with the earlier versions.



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This topic is 2869 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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