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wood before the trees? contacts within projects

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As a beginner I struggle a bit with getting a new relation to work. When having a project, I'd like to connect contacts to a project, more than one.

Finally I'd like to have the same container window like in accounts, where you can show contacts within same account. So I'd like to show contacts within same project. Any hint? Have the training seminar from RCConsulting, but as a beginner struggling a bit with the right start. Appreciate any hint. Chris

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Hi Chris... your going to want to watch videos 1030, and 1031.


You can setup a Portal in Project Data Entry Screen...L120.    You will need to Hijack a Tab on that Layout... or add a Tab.  Watch Video # 0510.


Once you Have the Tab cleared off for your portal... 


You need to define a new relation ship from T16 to a NEW T16 Child... make it something like T16aa.   The connection will be from id_project to id_project.   If id_project doesn't exist on the client side... you need to define it.


Actually... the design will depend if you need to connect one contact to MORE than one project. 


Do you?   If you don't, then the design above is fine.  If you do... then this will get more complex.


If you need additional help... you might want to email... [email protected] for assistance.


- Richard

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This topic is 2864 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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