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Building a single presentation layer for 3 separate databases


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I am not sure this is the right place to ask about this - perhaps it needs to be in logic layer section - but thought I would start here.


Note: I only have access to FM11 Pro


In my office we use several Filemaker databases for various teams. They work great and are customised to the needs of each team.


The problem is this. Currently our reception opens up new entries for each DB as needed. Because we have 3 separate databases they have to open each one as needed and add a new record.


I have been asked to find a solution whereby the databases do not change for the back-of-house teams but our reception gets a single screen from which they can create and search each of 3 different databases.


I have some ideas for implementing this but thought I would get some advice before setting this up. There are two main approaches I have thought about.

  1. Create a small Database that opens each of the 3 other databases in a small popup window. Then in each of the backend databases I put some scripts that make sure reception cannot stray into the wrong area and the window is forced to close when they are done adding a new entry.
  2. Access tables from each of the 3 backend databases directly in my reception database. Then I could just build some custom layouts and scripts for the front desk and leave the backend systems unchanged.

The second option appeals to me more as it should keep all of the reception's needs confined to the one database and I would not need to have logic spread throughout all the backend systems, however, I am not sure how to achieve the second option. 


Are either of these approaches possible or a good idea? Are there better options?




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A second vote for #2!  You've described a classic "separation model" scenario and it's very much the FileMaker way to accomplish this.  Read a bit in the Separation Model sub-forum here and then Google (/DuckDuckGo, etc.) "FileMaker separation model" — you'll be up and running in no time.  Let us know if you get stuck along the way; there's a wealth of experience with this approach around here.





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This topic is 2820 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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