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Inserting a picture in a calculations field


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After serching the forums and finding nothing, I think I am asking the wrong question.



I have a calcualtion field where I send out email receipts.  However, I need to put in a .png of a signature in to the text.  The Database is housed on a server.   



What subject area do I need to be looking into?



A thousand thanks,



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Thanks for the response.  When i try containers or Global fields, I get the name of the file in the field but not the image.


So I get "Signature 7-17-2013 9.08.07 AM.png"  not the picture.



This is the calculation for my field:



TextSize ("Dublin Latchkey - Payment Receipt"; 18 ) &¶& 
TextSize ("Tax ID Number: 31-1108640"; 14) &¶ &
TextSize ("Dublinlatchkey.com"; 14) &¶ &
TextSize ("Before and After School age care"; 14)&¶ & ¶ & ¶ & 
"Payment for:  " & cFirstName & " " & cLastName & ¶& ¶ & 
"Payment Month:  " & Month & " " & ¶& ¶ & 
"Payment Year:  " & Year & " " & ¶& ¶ & 
"School Site:  "& school & ¶ &¶ & 
"Payment Amount:  "& "$"&feePaid & ".00" &  ¶ &¶ & 
"Check Number:  " & checkNum  & ¶ &¶& ¶&
"Sincerely,"& ¶ &¶ & 
signature & ¶ &¶ & 
"Beth Wolfe."& ¶ &¶ & 
But this is what I get (the second to last lines should show the signature but lists the file name:



Dublin Latchkey - Payment Receipt

Tax ID Number: 31-1108640


Before and After School age care



Payment for:  Kim Place


Payment Month:   


Payment Year:  2009 


School Site:  Bailey Elementary


Payment Amount:  $222.00


Check Number:   1234





Signature 7-17-2013 9.08.07 AM.png


Beth Wolfe.

Is there any freelancers willing to take on a small job?
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Thank you.  I knew I was heading down the wrong path.  I think the next direction is to review making PDF's out of layouts and sending them via email.  I will post back on the thread when I find my solution, so others can benefit.


Thanks everyone!!!!!!

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my solution came in the form of a loop and a temporary path to the desktop.  I still need to move it to the server's desktop so that anyone can hop on and send the PDF's.  I used SMTP email with the attachment.

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You cannot have a client script write to the server's desktop and you cannot Save As PDF in a script run by a server schedule (a server-side script).

So, why are you involving the server (and I'm assuming you are referring to a FileMaker Server)?


If you do not want to clutter the user's desktop, set the Save As PDF path to the Get ( TemporaryPath ):

$path = Get (temporary path) & "my filename.pdf"

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This topic is 2826 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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