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Advice for inventory database


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Hi to all, I'm new of this forum and new of the fm software.
I'd like to ask you a little advice if I can:


I have to make a warehouse database where I can store my werehouse items, and official prize catalog.

These catalogs will be imported from xls files.

The problem is that I have to assign for each item in my warehouse an item from the catalog (so i can see the formal description of the article).


These catalogs are very very very extended something like 6500 record for each catalog.

So do you think:

1. I have to make 1 table for the catalog that contains all the record of all catalogs with an ID an Brand.

so i can make search through one single table.


2. I hate to make 1 table for each brand contained in the catalogs so I can update them easily in future. But I don't know how to search between multiple table..

how do you think its better?

Thank u in advace and sorry for my horrible english

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You need 1 product table, all the catalog entries go in there.  Don't create a table per Brand.  "Brand" is just a description of a product.


Ty for your kind answer...so I did like u said and its all good.


now can i ask you something else?

Im go crazy to find a solution to make a "script" or something similar to search text input from a text field and output to a portal or something similar.


I really don't know how to do that...

thank u in advace again and sorry if my question bother u

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This topic is 2823 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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