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External storage location refreshed?

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I am using external storage of containers for a solution that is not hosted on FMServer as yet.


The location of the container is based on the Client Name, Appointment Type, and Appointment Date.


I have a field Storage Path which stores this value. So for example: SMITH, JohnCars150316


I've set the Container base directory to be the Desktop folder I want, and then set the Photo (container) field to external with Open Storage with location - Storage Path.


This works... when I first add the photos, but if for instance they get added to the wrong appointment, and need to be moved, it does not move the files around. If I go in and edit the storage settings (without actually changing anything) it asks me to Transfer the files, I say yes, and everything updates correctly.

My question is - is there a way to force this Transfer without going into the field settings? I want to automate it for all other users.


Thanks in advance!

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How is the moving done?


Not quite sure what you mean.


The files do not get moved, until I go in to edit the Container settings and then it it asks me to transfer the containers and it fixes up the images in the wrong folders. Aside from that I don't want the users to have to go in and move files around manually.

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What if you just move the container data to the proper record?  That should take care of it.


It doesn't.


When I adjust the linked appointmentID - the Storage Path field updates, but the files do not move unless I go into the field settings for the Container field and pretend to change things and then it asks me to Transfer Container Data and it puts everything in the correct folders again.


Am I missing something?

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This topic is 2819 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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