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url for db from custom home page?


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hi there, forum. i'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this question is very basic or has been asked many times before.

im using fm5, with the web companion, to serve a db. i want to use a custom home page. easy enough so far. the problem is that i am not sure what i should use as the url to get to the actual db from the custom home page. this doesn't seem to be specified in any of the docs.

TIA for your responses!


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Hi, if i understand you right, you have a home page which is returned from, say 'www.mydomian.com' and you want to have links on that page to your databases?

The format for the url will be different for a search than if you want to display data straight off.

next question, is this just a Filemaker server or does it have an independent webserver running as well? If so, you'll have to call the right port (probably 591 ??) to find Filemaker.

Couple of examples:

to go to a Filemaker search page from a webserver-delivered home page: http://mydomain.com:591/the_folder/search.htm

this switches you to the Filemaker application (by calling the port number) and then defines the format page from the Filemaker 'web' folder. The search page itself can call the database and format files etc.

If you want to show results straight off, you have to call Filemaker, define the database, format page, action, the whole lot, so it will look something like this one which is a button that shows our internal job vacancies:

http://www.mydomain.com:591/foldername/FMPro?-db=databasename&-format=yourpage.htm&-error=search_error.htm&-lay=layout1&-sortfield=datetodie&-sortorder=descending-op=cn&category=va cancy&-op=gt&datetodie=%2f%2f&-max=20&-find

....er i think that one works frown.gif" border="0 As you can see, these can get kinda long but it's still easier than tring to do stuff in VB, right?

If you need to show database data right in the home page it's been discussed here recently. The options are, use frames, or use a redirect.

Hope i've understood your question correctly. If this isn't clear, please mail me for more details

regards, jeff

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This topic is 7617 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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