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Robot Method

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Hi All,

Been looking at the blog from clickworks and think it is a great way to generate a PDF.

The only thing is my attempt was to do the following:

CLIENT: Click button -> Creates a record in a blank table (triggers client robot waiting) then return to original layout

ROBOT -> Complete action as script has been triggered with the record on load and then will tidy up and delete all records and wait again until another record is created

Sounds simple but there are times when he script is triggered and it shouldn't be. It isn't a flawless effort.

I know its a rough plan but could anyone give me any guidance on this?
Something else I could try or use script parameters etc...



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Clickworks and not clockworks

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First thing would be to explain the circumstances where the robot script would run the script when it should not... that seems to be the issue to solve.  The only way that can happen IIRC is when you change the found set for the TO for the layout that the robot machine is "watching".

You can't use script parameters in this case because there is no communication between client and robot.  The only "communication" happens between the client and FMS and FMS and the robot, where FMS updates the robot's found set based on what the client does.

There are plugins out there (Troi has one for this) that you can send instructions directly to the robot machine.

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