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portal filter by username


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Hello I have a layout called "follow up" its a reminder for jobs wether COMPLETED or require FOLLOW UP. I have a Name sort script on the layout already via  a dropdown and when i select a NAME that persons records only are shown. This works fine.

I have a HOME (First Layout show data from Company Dashboard) Layout that opens upon login . On here i wanted to add a portal to FOLLOW UP and the portal to filter automatically the current username records only . I could then sort them by FOLLOW UP at the top and Completed belowScreen_Shot_2015-10-22_at_6.53.33_AM.thu

Whats bugging me is i just cant figure it out, 


Thanks for any help


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Do you always want records to only display if they belong to the username?

If so, it would be best to let Security handle this for you.  On records, set to custom where the record's 'staff name' field equals username.  When this is in place, a user will only see portal records they are assigned; it will automatically filter.  This works also when you perform a find.

If you use this method, you will need to control constraining to username actions such as Show Omitted and Show All Records.

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 Thanks for reply , hmmm good idea, could i just apply this to that one layout ? (Company Dashboard) and leave it open for the rest as they need to input in other layouts .

Ill give it a try


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No, it sounds more like you need a simple filtering technique on Company Dashboard layout.  I suggest relational filter over portal filter as:

  1. Create another table occurrence of Follow Up (just copy it in the graph, don't create a secondary table).  For this example, name it User Follow Ups.
  2. Add a global text field into Company Dashboard ( call it gUserName ).
  3. Join them as:  Company Dashboard::gUserName = User Follow Ups::Name
  4. Add a step to your startup script right before switching to your Company Dashboard which would be: Set Field [ Company Dashboard::gUserName ; Get ( AccountName ) ]

You could also add a gFollowUpType global to Dashboard and place it on the layout via a radio button using that value list then include that in your relational filter above, in which case item 3 would become:

Company Dashboard::gUserName = User Follow Ups::Name
Company Dashboard::gFollowUpType = User Follow Ups::Follow Up Type

In this way, your User will always only see their own Follow Ups and they could toggle the Follow Up Type to see only the records they wished.  Since there are only two options, you may wish to pre-fill with FOLLOW UP since COMPLETED probably aren't accessed very often anyway.  Let me know if you have any questions.

BTW, you can also use filtered portals but unless your record sets are very small, relational is usually the better option. :-)


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This topic is 3056 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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