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Terminal services - one workstation throws error


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I have a client running Windows Terminal Services. Users use Remote Desktop from their workstations to log onto the terminal server.

Last night I upgraded the server to FMS 14, but left the clients on 12. There are no server-side scripts. The terminal service workstation and the FileMaker Server are each installed on their own virtual machine. Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1; 14GB

I have a script in my solution that checks for plug-ins being registered. If the registration code is not correct, a message appears - the relevant plug-in is MyfmButler DoSql.

On ONE and only one workstation, the script throws this error message. Different users can log into this workstation and all throw the same error. The same users log into other workstations and don't get the message.

Their IT guy says it has nothing to do with the workstation, since all activity happens on the Remote Desktop terminal services session, so it MUST be FileMaker!

Any suggestions?


Steve aka Dubl


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It would be weird if it is related to the workstation because as IT says: FM runs in the virtual space on the TS box and there should be no interaction with the workstation.

But the evidence seems to contradict that.

Is there anything workstation folders mapped to the TS session?

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I asked the IT about mapping and he says no.

I'm going to update the plug-in tonight to the latest version - but FM support agrees - it's pretty weird! Evidence points to the workstation, but being on TS belies that fact

Thanks for your reply, vriend!

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So - updated the plug-in, but the same issue happens. I downgraded the server back to 13 and all is fine.


Too hard basket for now!


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This topic is 3040 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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