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FM issues with field placement- changes from reflecting properly in layout but incorrectly in browse mode


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Currently customizing a FM 14 invoice starter solution; I've added a new field "service fee" to the invoice details layout- when FM is in

layout mode it shows properly aligned i.e. where I want it. However, when switched to browse mode it does not (shows to the very left

of the "service fee" field label- you can see the tail end of data entry in the field "00" on the very left.. I've tried moving the field

to reflect properly when in browse mode to no avail. Any thoughts on what might be causing this odd behaviour?

Please see attached.




browse mode.png

browse mode.png

browse mode.png

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Your suggestion was not entirely successful; while there was some anchors in place, once removed, the field is now located in

the lower portion (as per attached picture) and not in the desired position. Any other thoughts?

Thanks again.


P.S. apparently I need to proofread my posts with more diligence- my spelling in the subject line is absolutely atrocious =)


Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 8.57.05 PM.png

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Barbara nailed it ...

Check the Tax dollar amount.  What is its anchor?  You should make the service fee same anchor which I suspect would be Right only or Right and Top.  :-)

I can't see your layout parts so YMMV on whether to use top, bottom or none as a vertical selection.  ;-)

Anchors apply within their part.

Upon second look, I believe that your Total is in a different part from the SubTotal.  Your Service Fee might possibly be spanning into the following part ( Grand Summary?).  Anyway, make sure the field is within its part completely.

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This topic is 3004 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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