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Fonts all changed to [email protected]!.tmp


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FM14 Advanced 14.04

I have a solution with about 15 files.

All use the same Theme - Classic under the Basic group.  I use the default font (Arial).

Today, I opened every file and every one has the font set to [email protected]

I checked the theme and they are all still using Classic under the Basic group.  

So I tried to change the theme.  As soon as I do, in any of the files, the Classic theme is gone in the menu.

At the bottom of the font menu are 5 or 6 of these same fonts with slightly different letters.  Digging tells me they may be Adobe PDF related?  The last thing I did on this solution was print to PDF - 100's of pdfs that is scripted.

It's always worked fine, never had an issue until now.

Does anyone have a clue on what caused this?  Why these .tmp fonts are in the font menu?

How do I fix it?  Disappearing theme?




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Correct.  Used the files on my laptop, closed them.  Today, opened and all are like this.

This is probably important - I store the folder on Dropbox.  I don't host the file as I use it only by myself.  I move it from home to laptop to office now and then and to do that, store a COPY in Dropbox.  I always keep the last one I'm working on on the device I moved it from.  So, I checked the version on my laptop and it's perfectly fine.

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Hi vanderark1,

 I don’t use dropbox, except to pass a file off on occasion, however  there has been some reports of problems with people using it as a server.

 The main thing here is the fonts and styles themselves.

Here Is a recent post that might help you link.


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Thank you!

I also found that it is a known issue.  The very same file DOESN'T have the issue when I move it to my laptop - only happens on my PC.  So I dug some more and found this:



I'm running the suggest workarounds now...

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OK - that worked.

Of the 3 workarounds suggested by FM, I deleted the Font Cache file.

I don't use Adobe Reader (not installed) so I can't update it.  I did try to update Acrobat XI - but I already had the latest.

I'm not using anything other that 100% zoom.

So, deleting the Font Cache file worked.  I just wonder if that's temporary - going to happen again I think...


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Nice follow up, that is good information about the problem you were experiencing. It’s always good to find out that it’s not you, that others have also found this bug.

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Hopefully the final issue on this....

The theme I was using for ALL the files (Classic under the Basic group) is gone in some of the files.  It's still there in others.

How do I get it back in ALL files?  According to FM, you can't import a theme from one file to another if it's a theme that ships with FM - which this is (and it doesn't appear when I try to import).

I had FMP14A repair my installation, hoping it would put back the theme that's obviously missing or corrupted.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advace!

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This topic is 2338 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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