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Please Please Help!!!


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Hi Everyone!

I am very new to file maker, I am using file maker 14. I am trying to design a friend a database to manage hires. My goal is to bring a stock level back when inputting on a sales order form;

Here is the scenario

You have inputted customer details and event details

You then input a sales order which looks at the date of the event and the item, checks the db for any matches, if there is it will bring a stock figure back.

For example

I have 100 white chairs to hire and the data of the event is 16/07/16, we have 350 in stock.  as soon as I input it I want it to take away 100 from the stock but ONLY for that day as they will be collected the day after. This system is so we dont over book.

How do I do it? I have no idea about relationships either. I have attached my database, pleas please help

Bradgate Events.fmp12

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Get the FileMaker training series and work through each lesson.

Manage the expectations of your friend.

They should not expect, nor should you promise, miracles from a beginner.

Designing a full featured sales/inventory management system is not beginner level work and if you don't understand the basics of FM i.e. relationships et al. then you'll never be able to understand any solution we could provide.

If its as urgent as your pleading indicates then perhaps they should hire an experienced developer to build the solution who could also coach you at the same time.

p.s how do you hire a chair? Don't you just go to a store and buy one?


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6 hours ago, cheerfulzebra said:

file make

The name is FileMaker not file maker, one word, capital F and M. :(

If I’m understanding correctly, you are looking for a invoice solution. See if this one helps http://www.geistinteractive.com/2010/04/21/inventory-transactions/

There is also a video on the site that explains what is being done with the file.

59 minutes ago, Kris M said:

Seems like = assumption = Danger Will Robinson

That’s what it appears to be, based on the file provided and the Questions. ^_^


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It's really not an assumption. It's pretty obvious from the description that it's a rental business for events. @cheerfulzebra you're going to have to learn a bit about relationships and I assume you're here to learn.

No time to delve into your file right now, but I'll have a look later if you still need help.


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This topic is 2329 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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