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Different scripting result depending on Filemaker version, 13, 14, 15

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I have a very strange situation here. We have a layout with statistics, that are calculated with a script. If you run the script with a FM13 client or a FM15 client it all works as intended, but when we try FM14 client the result is empty. BUT, if I use Script Debugger on FM14, the result is as intended. Note, the debugger is run with just "play" and no breakpoints - works fine.

We have a FMS 14 for the solution. The Server is not a local one - it's located on a remote server hall.

Anyone else run into this kind of problem?

A note! We have actually had A LOT of problems with FM13 clients connected to FMS14 servers, where the data is not fetched correctly. When client upgrades fo FM14 it ususally works fine. This is the other way around. The solution if upgrade not possible - lots of pauses in critical places. A sick solution, that makes the system slower, but it at least works. Anyone seen this also?

One more note! We have a really large solution with multiple tables separated in gui, data and calculation-files.

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Ok, a slight update with more info.

On another computer with fm14 client, it actually works.

I can get it to work with 0.1 sec pause in every iteration where the script fetches formula to evaluate. That fetch is a relationship hop through 3 files. Gui->calc->data.

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Ok, more info - it was in fact not needed in every iteration only when entering layout. The problem is that it seems like the layout is not ready without the first pause. It's supposed to fetch formulas via a portal - it never entered the portal without pause.

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This topic is 1877 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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