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Plastic 2 TPV Integration


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I would like to use 360works Plastic 2 to integrate payments to my solution. I have a terminal and test cards for testing and the Gateway's support (Moneris) told me I had to initialize it from my software. Is there a way to initialize the terminal with Plastic 2 ?

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This topic is 1857 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By jamie@procru.com
      I have opened a sandbox account to test plastic 2 plugin.
      The info that comes in the demo file seems to approve. When I enter in my auth.net trans key and API it says account incorrect or inactive. The account seems to work with other methods of API but the plastic plugin says it fails.
      Not sure if plastic 2 is not set up for sandbox versions or if there is something I am missing.
    • By Geeksharka
      Hi all,
      Installing 360's Plastic 2 plug-in for a client — one server, 8 clients on LAN only. They will be using VirutalMerchant's Converge platform for their gateway.
      I was wondering if anyone can recommend a card reader for regular and EMV chip cards?
      FMS14, FMP14 - all Mac OSX
      All feedback very much appreciated!
    • By speaksgeek
      We started work this morning, and all our plastic 2 processing is failing with java errors. They have been working well up to now since they were implemented over a year ago.
      We run a FM12 server, but all the scripts are run client side. Most clients are FM13, I run FM14 Adv. Everyone is OS X, mostly 10.9, a couple on 10.10. I don't update java unless forced to, so there haven't been any updates to that in a long while either.
      What is happening is when we try to either submit a new token stored card, or process an existing stored token:
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair When we try to process a new card payment we get
      java.lang.NullPointerException I've tried updating the plugin to the latest version 2.33 and also Java to the latest Version 8 update 45, but no change to the outcomes.
      There hasn't been any change on either the clients or server that I'm aware of.
    • By Kaps
      Dear All,
      I am based in London in the UK. I am looking at the Plastic 2 plugin (which installs really easily btw). However, I am applying for my merchant account and it appears to be aimed at companies based in the US. Whats the alternative for a UK based company ? Thanks
    • By speaksgeek
      Hi there,
      I've just got notification of FM13 release, and I've been planning to implement the Plastic 2 plugin, as we already use MerchantWarrior for our processing (in fact it was me who suggested they contact 360works).
      I'm very wary of OS X server 10.8 & 10.9 Java issues, as I've dealt with them with no good outcome for a different app. I notice the release notes for FM 13 say:
      1.6. The FileMaker Server 13 installer installs Java Runtime Environment 7 (JRE 7) update 25. On OS X, if
      you have a later update of JRE 7 installed, then JRE 7 update 25 is not installed. On Windows, if you
      have a later update of JRE 7 installed, JRE 7 update 25 is still installed, but FileMaker Server 13 uses
      the later update. FileMaker recommends that you install JRE 7 update 45 after installing
      FileMaker Server 13. Can anyone tell me enlighten me what that will mean for Plastic 2 (or any other 360works plugin), assuming I have an existing basic 10.8.5 server, upgrading from FM 12 - it has very little else installed on it.
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