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One layout refuses to allow input; the rest are fine.

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Hi from a relative newbie,

I have a FMP 13 file that works fine on some computers (both Windows and Mac) but on one Mac computer it works only partially. Several of the layouts work fine, but one layout is "frozen" and does not permit entry in any of the fields. Is there something in the Mac OS that could "lock out" a particular layout, but leave all others normally functional? Should I re-install FMP 13? (I'm not sure how to do that on a Mac. I'm mostly a Windows worker.) Any help or insight would be welcome.



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      Hi All,
      I need to copy one field only from one layout (+- 200 records) and past all those records from that field into another layout.
      I have tried a few commands but does not produce the required result.
      Please could you advise on a script?
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       I’m pretty new with using Filemaker, but still I built a solution that fits pretty all my needs (for now…)
      I’m still experiencing one big problem with my solution for which I would need help.
      Here’s the context : I run a little company. We receive financial reports every quarter.
      All quarterly reports ( Excel file or csv file) have the exact same form.
      I then created a layout based on the table created when importing the csv that works properly.
      My need: as I’m to receive a new financial report on next quarters (Q12018, Q22018, Q32018 etc.), I would like to pull the new data from my Main layout.
      Is there a way of having a layout pull the data from the new table (actually whatever table) to be created each time I’ll be importing a new Financial Report without getting rid of the original data (which I would like to keep in place, for obvious reasons)? Let’s say from a pull down?
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      I'd get some problems with date formats after installing FMS 15, and I'm trying to solve it by importing to a clone of the original database. But two tables has no layouts and I can't find a way to import these tables without making a layout in the clone or adding a table when importing. The last seems to be the simplest, but how will the relationships behave?
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      How can I extract content from sub summary layout objects using? https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/help/16/fmp/en/index.html#page/FMP_Help/getlayoutobjectattribute.html
      I'm able to grab the content from the first subsummary, not the remaining however.
      The following:
      set field( output; GetLayoutObjectAttribute( 'header', 'content' ) & GetLayoutObjectAttribute( 'row', 'content' ) & GetLayoutObjectAttribute( 'footer', 'content' ) ) works fine, the bad thing is that only row 1 finds its way to the output-field.
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