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Ben Douglas

MessageID cannot retrieve message (special characters?)

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So far our use of this plugin has been pretty good, bugs here and there but most of them I can resolve. This one is a mystery though. I have a function to download all attachments from a specific email stored in our system. But I am not able to retrieve a particular set of emails from a specific customer. The message IDs are all similar to this:


(note: I replaced the customer's domain with [...] for confidentiality) I've verified that this is the same exact ID as the message on the gmail server. We're connecting via IMAP with forceTrust set to true.

I'm retrieving the message using:

EmailReadMessages (     "mailbox=Processed" ;     "readonly=true" ;     "messageId=" & $messageID ;     "attachments=true" ;     "progress=true" )

And that does not return an error, but when I call EmailGetNextMessage it returns 0 as in there is no email found. I've also verified that the email is in the Processed folder.

I suspect that it may have something to do with the the message ID starting with "!&!" after the brackets or the "==" before the domain... but that is just a guess without knowing more about how the plugin may work behind the scenes.

Any ideas?

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Could you reproduce the issue and then send the logs to support@360works.com? I don't think the !&= characters should cause problems as they are part of the spec for message ids. The logs should let us see if the full id is getting passed in and if there is actually nothing being retrieved. Thanks!

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    • By docasar
      I have been already half a day trying to find out how the 360work email EmailReadMessageValue function works. I have been able to download only the latest 3 days emails, but if any new email will come the EmailGet NExtMessage would be set as 0 and therefore "Halt the script" Moreover no email that I download comes with the messageID or UID. The first does not create the $variable because it is empty and the second gives only value "0". Everything else can be obtained from the keys.
      What could I be doing wrong so that the EmailReadMessageValue( "messageID" ) does not extract the messageID from the email??? 
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      We have a database used by about 20 employees throughout the country. Half of them work in our HQ using a client copy of FMP, the others connect via Citrix Presentation software (XenApp). Originally, our db was built in FMP7 which allowed SendMail script step to open the client's email program and populate the text generated by my script. This worked great when all of our engineers were located in our HQ building.

      Now since everyone has updated to FMP10, I built a new email client system which uses the new SendMail via the built-in SMTP system. This works perfectly, except for one issue. The emails have incorrect messageID headers which trigger spam filters to block the emails from our system sent to customers. We have had two customers who are unable to receive these emails thanks to this issue.

      Specifically, here is an example of the MessageID header for emails sent via SMTP to our customers: FileMaker.4e9c3c79.c.bb8@. because there is nothing after the @ symbol, spam filters treat the email as spam.

      It seems Filemaker is aware of the issue, but i have not seen a solution or a resolution/bugfix for this issue. Does anyone know anything else, my search takes me back to the bug reports, but nothing further:

      I am aware of Dacons Mail.It plugin, but am not quite satisfied with this solution - too expensive for a 25 user license and I don't entirely like Dacons ever since their latest version of Scriptfire screwed up my script-box. Are there any other cheaper email plugins that are stable. I only need the plugin to send, not anything advanced like receiving email or attaching files.

      Thanks guys!
      - Mike
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