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Log In Working Not Working ?

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I logged in once the other day but I had to log in like 20 times ?  Finally I get my name in the top right corner and the "Post" button.

Unable to log in today under my normal log in "User Name" and "Password" ?

My log in does not seem to work ... I log in ... I think, but I don't get my name in the top right corner like I use to and I do not get the "post" button and no error message like I get if I enter the wrong log in credentials.

I am unable to communicate to the intelligence of the website unless I sign in ? So now what .... ?  How do I communicate ?

So I used an old email address to create a new account ?  I don't want this account.

If you guys banned me please advise.

Thank you


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There is an issue on the beta of the site please keep the remember  me checked as a temporary fix. 


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