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Siva D

Inspector freeze on BROWSE checkbox after update to

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Siva D    0
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After the latest update, Inspector is not working properly on two checkboxes. I see it on Browse and Snap to Grid check boxes. When I click on the checkbox, it won't refresh immediately. I have to switch to other tab and get back. Then only it refreshes. If I continuously click few times, entire Inspector window becomes empty. Sometimes few clicks and sometimes many clicks. Then I have to restart the FileMaker to get back the Inspector.

Another issue happened on 16.0.1 itself was position values are not updating dynamically when I move the objects either by mouse or arrow keys. I have to click outside the object and click again to know the new position.  On V15 and before, it was dynamically updating.

I tried both in-app update and complete re-install. Issue persists.

Inspector 2017-07-14 09-43-44.png

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Siva D    0

Figured the issue. Old versions of plugins were causing it. Updated all the plugins of 360 works, Baseelements and MBS to latest version fixed the issue.

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