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Correct workflow?

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Hey guys, 


I am needing a bit of guidance on the correct workflow with the following setup.


FMPHost.com (hosted):

- DATA File

- UI File


Desktop (local):

- DATA File (relative to local UI file)

- UI File


When adding new fields or tables to the solution, this is my assumption with regards to workflow:

1) Modify the hosted DATA file

2) Add new sync layout to hosted UI file then re-run Mirrorsync Setup to point to new sync tables

3) Download hosted files (UI and DATA)

4) Replace local UI file with hosted UI file

5) Replace local DATA file with empty clone of hosted DATA file

6) Run Mirrorsync and wait for it to re-download all the records again


Is this the correct way to do it? Do I need to wait for the entire batch of records to download each time I make a change (ie, add a new field)?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.




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Hello guit4eva,

Please complete your profile.

I sent you a Private Message in October, please read it.  



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Hi Lee,


I have completed my profile now :afro:

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Hey Guit4eva,

  Without being an expert in the Data/Separation model, the process you suggest sounds right. If you are adding a table in step 1, make sure to add a new sync layout for that table to your Interface file. If you're adding fields to pre-existing tables on the data file, also be sure to reflect those fields in the sync layout (I think you were implying this in your steps, just being sure).

  Let me know how it goes. I'm trying to reproduce a sync using a Data/Separation solution, but it may take me until sometime Monday to finish testing. Once I have it down pat, I'll create some documentation on our website for future users. 

Good luck!

Junior Perez, 360Works Support

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Hi Junior,

That is FANTASTIC that you will be creating documentation for the data separation model - it's something that is desperately needed :) 

Do you have any idea of when that might be up? 

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