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server scheduled script perform find error

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Solved: I had a script step go to original layout. This went to the blank (opening) layout when run on the server.🙄


I have a script that is not performing as expected when I run it as a server scheduled script.

The script needs to run every 1st of the month; find and copies invoices that are marked as subscription and mail the new invoice to the customers.

The script runs as expected in FM client. However, when I run it as a scheduled script it only copies the first invoice it finds and it gives a perform find error in the serverlog.

Any ideas why this is happening?

The collection of the invoiceUUID's in the first loop works properly, also when the script runs on the server.

I also tried a global variable and a global field as storage for the invoiceUUID's, but that does not make a difference.



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problem solved

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