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5.5 Unlimited - Slow Speeds, Problems


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I recently switched over to FMP 5.5 Unlimited from FMP 4.0. FMP 4 was set up on NT, was hacked into AND was infected with a virus.

After cleaning up that mess and doing a virus scan, FMP is back up and running.

I now have everything set up on a new server operating on Windows 2000.

I converted all the databases to 5.5. I run about a dozen databases simultaneously for various companies on the new server that are incorporated with their websites.

A couple things I noticed...

1. On 4.0, when I would work on a database, I could change, modify, etc. a record while users were accessing the website and pulling information from the database without any problems.

Now, when I pull up a particular database to work on a record, I am interrupted by queries from the web site. I'll be updating a record and all of a sudden it jumps to another record due to someone pulling information on the website. Is there any way to change this?

2. The performance of 5.5 is very slow in comparison to 4.0. It is almost as if each web query has to wait in line before it can proceed. Am I missing anything?

3. FMP 5.5 keeps crashing. I will start up all the databases and it will work for a while and then just freezes up requiring me to restart FMP.

As a precaution, I am going to build a new database in 5.5 for each of the existing converted databases. Just in case they are corrupt in some way.

Any help with these matters would be greatly appreciated.

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The record will switch when a web request is made. That is by software design and is normal. I use 3 machines as a "web server system". FileMaker Pro Server, and then unlimited as a guest of that to respond to web request... and then I develop on another machine with a regular FM5 client installed. FMP Server is far more reliable, and you never see "rebuilding databases" or the "files were not closed properly" error, and never the dreaded "please rebuild these files" errors! FMServer also makes backups a sinch.

You can do everything in "development", field defining, and layout mode, from a client and server that you can with just a single install of filemaker unlike ver 4.which is very cool for developement.


FILEMAKER PRO, UNLIMITED, AND SERVER, must be in the forground, or active app...or else they will be slow as molassis in the winter.

Hope this helps...

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I set up a client which resolved problem #1.

I rebuilt all the databases with 5.5 and that seems to have solved problem #3.

I am still trying to speed up 5.0 unlimited because it really drags when you try to pull up web pages.

In the early a.m. it goes pretty quick, but when the users increase on the websites, it boggs down.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.

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This topic is 8239 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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