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Using Checkbox Selections to Form Graphs / Reports

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Hi, I am new to FileMaker - currently using Pro 18. I am currently developing a "surgical logbook" to keep track of operations performed, as well as the intricate details of each procedure (things like what equipment was used, what risk factors were present and what complications were encountered etc). For many of the fields, there needs to be multiple options and the ability to select more than one option simultaneously. It seems the only way I can do this is via a checkbox field? The trouble is that I want to take things a step further and create some automated reports that show me things like "how many operations did I perform where "X" risk factor was present?" or "how many operations did I perform where "Y" complication was experienced?". The trouble I am having is I don't know how to separate out the specific data related to the one variable within a multivariable field? Is this actually possible? Does anybody have any examples for me? Alternatively, I was wondering whether I actually need to break all these variables down into multiple fields (1 checkbox for each) so that it is easier to tease out the specific variable? Sorry for the lengthy explanation - hopefully I am being clear. Please comment if you need further explanation. Thanks very much.

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The ideal method of this is to have some "library" of the 'options' you desire to track and display this as a portal / or card window list of items as you select items and commit them you would create records in a child table related so that you can provide aggregate or other analysis or visualization.

Alternatively you could store arrays or JSON objects in a text field - but to do anything meaningful with that you will have to explode this out using JavaScript and a web viewer or virtual lists just to display data. 



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