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Container Field display PDF Interactively on MacOs

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I'm working on a solution that will involve storing a lot of PDF files.  I can't get the PDFs to display interactively in the container field when working on the desktop file in FM Pro 19 (it just shows the MacOs preview icon and filename). I have to manually download and open each file to view.  FM Go opens the file fine in the native viewer.

I am on MacOs Catalina and FM 19. I deleted the Adobe Internet plugins to no avail.  Any other suggestions?

I have had this problem on again / off again for many years with FM on Mac.


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20 hours ago, A_K said:

working on the desktop file in FM Pro 19

So, a local file that is not hosted on FMS?

How did you insert the PDF? Was it done scripted using Insert File script step? What was the display setting?


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