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FREE FileMaker Training TV LIVE Stream Featuring Sync and Enterprise Topics!

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Free FileMaker Training Webinar This Week!

Join Jesse Barnum, President of 360Works, and Richard Carlton at FileMaker Training TV for live FileMaker training this week (7/20 - 7/24) starting at
1 p.m. Pacific Time/4 p.m. Eastern Time!


Curious about FileMaker sync for worldwide replication across different cities & offline sync? You won't want to miss this week's live training at FileMaker Training TV covering FileMaker for Enterprise and featuring 360Works MirrorSync!

MirrorSync is an elegant synchronization product that makes it simple for people working at home or in the field with poor network connection to work on offline copies of your hosted database, whether on iPads, iPhones, or laptops! It can sync between any combination of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, SQL database (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or any database that supports JDBC), Salesforce, WordPress, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RedShift.

During the live training this week, we will cover offline access for your FileMaker customer solution and help you set up multiple servers to support your worldwide FileMaker Team with Server Replication. Here is an overview of the schedule:


  • Day 1 - We’re covering the basics, including having the Amazon servers already setup.
  • Day 2 - We’re doing the installation of MirrorSync and discussing the mechanics of Synchronization.
  • Day 3 - Final deployment, and Open Q&A.
  • Day 4 - We’re inviting everyone around the world to log in to the closest server. Feel free to edit and add data.
  • Day 5 - Open Q&A: Lean Design & the Enterprise


PLUS, we are offering a special discount for those on the webinar. Be sure to tune in so you can grab your discount code!

Sessions are approximately 1 hour long. View the full schedule and register for FREE at the link below (sessions will be streamed via Twitch).



Stay updated with 360Works

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    • By 360Works
      Claris Engage: 360Works Products and Discount!
      Claris Engage is this week, August 4th and 5th!

      As we mentioned last week, while this year's FileMaker developer conference is free and online, we will still be offering our discount on 360Works FileMaker Plug-ins and Add-ons for our current suite of products available at 360works.com/products now through Friday, August 7th.
      *Use code ENGAGE2020 to take 15% off of your online purchase of 360Works Plug-ins and Add-ons for FileMaker.
      This is the best time to take advantage of the 360Works Portfolio Bundle deal. Get all 360Works plug-ins at over 75% off the total cost, plus you can apply your Claris Engage discount for 15% off the Portfolio Bundle cost.

      The retail cost of the Portfolio Bundle is $1,995 USD, but with the Engage discount it comes down to just $1,695.75 USD! This is a one-time cost to receive all products, maintenance can be renewed annually at 25% of the retail cost to continue receiving updates.

      Additionally, existing 360Works plug-in purchases can be applied to the Portfolio Bundle deal! Check the credit you have available by entering your license key at the Portfolio Bundle page, click "Buy Now" then input your license key in the "Portfolio Redemption" section.
      Video Demos
      Need to see a demo of our products? We've got you covered at the the 360Works YouTube Channel. See popular videos linked below!
      MirrorSync 6 and Zulu 4 Presentations - FileMaker Sync and Calendar Sync
      These are in-depth presentations of our most recent major version releases at the previous FileMaker Developer Conference. Watch Now!
      How to Set Up MirrorSync and Topical Demos
      Learn how to set up MirrorSync, sync FileMaker with WordPress, sync FileMaker Servers for Load Balancing, talks with Jesse Barnum and Richard Carlton at FileMaker Training TV, and more! Watch Now!
      Scribe 4 - Integrate OCR, PDF, Word, and Excel in FileMaker
      With Scribe 4 in FileMaker, you can merge or splice a PDF in a container field and also perform OCR in FileMaker. Use Scribe in FileMaker to automate processing of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) and PDF files. Watch Now!
      If you have questions, we are still here to help virtually!
      Questions can be asked at our official support forum at FMForums OR by emailing support@360works.com
      We have many more videos and products available. Be sure to visit the 360Works YouTube Channel to watch more!
      Product List
      Current Suite of 360Works FileMaker Products and Versions:
      Product Name Product Description 360Deploy 2.809 Completely automate the FileMaker Data Migration Tool, simple deployment of new database versions Charts 2.2 Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker CloudMail 3.3 Send and track HTML email marketing campaigns Email 3.316 Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker, PLUS send SMS/Text Messages FTPeek 2.305 FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database JDBC 2.2 SQL access with JDBC Compatibility MirrorSync 6.11 Sync FileMaker Go and Pro on a device without network connection, sync FileMaker Servers, and sync FileMaker with SQL databases Plastic 3.2 Payment processing plug-in RemoteScripter 2.2 Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP SafetyNet 2.106 FileMaker Server offsite backup Scribe 4.0710 Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files. Plus OCR in version 4! ScriptMaster 5.3 Adds many new functions & create custom plug-ins SuperContainer 2.9516 A better container field Web Assistant 2.201 Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms Web Services Manager 1.72 Publish FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services Zulu 4.0603 FileMaker calendar sync - integrate with Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, and Apple Calendar - plus new support for Apple Reminders app in version 4! Best Deal: Portfolio Bundle
      Interested in three or more of 360Works products for FileMaker? Keep in mind, the best deal is the 360Works Portfolio Bundle. Purchasing the Portfolio Bundle is the equivalent of buying Enterprise licenses for three plug-ins and getting the rest of the plug-in suite for free, and it includes upgrades and new releases for 12 months from the date of purchase.

      Plus, you'll want to take advantage of the Claris Engage discount to get 15% off the Portfolio Bundle for more savings!
      Consulting: Custom Work
      We are experts in FileMaker, Java, and Amazon Web Services. If you need a custom plug-in, modification to an existing plug-in, or full plug-in integration services, we can provide this at our hourly rate. Fill out our Quick Form to let us know your needs and learn more.
        *Discount cannot be stacked with other promotional codes. Discount is eligible for online purchases only, no invoices. Discount applies only to 360Works FileMaker Plug-ins and Add-ons for our current suite of products available at 360works.com/products and does not apply to custom plug-ins or consulting work.
      Stay updated with 360Works
      Questions? Please email: support@360works.com
    • By 360Works
      New MirrorSync Update Now Available
      50 Improvements Made in MirrorSync 6.1
      360Works releases new point update for MirrorSync with 50 improvements and fixes to optimize FileMaker synchronization.

      360Works MirrorSync is the fastest and easiest synchronization tool for FileMaker. It allows everyday FileMaker users the power to synchronize their FileMaker Server files with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, other FileMaker Servers, SQL databases, Salesforce, WordPress, Amazon Web Services Databases (DynamoDB and Redshift). MirrorSync was awarded FileMaker Solution of the Year in previous years and the product continues to be known for its scalability, reliability, speed, and ease of use.

      The latest update, MirrorSync 6.1, ships with 50 improvements and fixes. Here are some of the newest improvements by category:
      Container Fields and Large Data Improvements
      Optimized conflict resolution field merging; now about 100x faster for large tables! Now supports streaming for container uploads, so that you can sync any size container data (such as large video files) without running out of memory in MirrorSync Improved performance when syncing large numbers of fields (>500) Now truncates extremely long container filenames (converting a text field to container fields causes the text contents to also be used as the container filename, which can be too long to be practical) Performance improvements for configuration client Important fix: removed a deadlock that could occur when inserting large number of records that contained unusually large text data as well as container data  
      Syncing with Non-FileMaker Databases Improvements
      No need to do any time zone conversions when writing time and date values to Salesforce, you can now send them unmodified Improvements were made to SQL generation for syncing to a non-FileMaker SQL spoke database, such as MySQL or SQL Server Performance improvements for DynamoDB; prevented unnecessary update operations if fields are added or removed from a configuration  
      FileMaker Server to FileMaker Server Sync Improvements
      Improvements for externally stored container fields that have an .fmp12 file in them when transferring from hub to spoke during server-to-server syncs Much faster transfer of large multi-file solutions between servers for initial server-to-server syncs  
      Configuration Improvements
      Improved responsiveness on the configuration screen where tables, scripts, and layouts are copied and pasted Added extra information at the top of the sync status that always shows the name of the configuration and a description of both the hub and spoke databases Exporting a configuration from server A and importing to server B will now automatically change the configured MirrorSync URL to server B Smarter switching between using the internal and external IP addresses on the sync. This should make it so that syncing from outside the LAN is about 5 seconds faster, if there is a separate internal and external address configured. We now keep a history of all configuration changes, in case any issues arise  
      Improvements for Keys
      If you're using UUID primary keys with unique validation enabled, and if you change validation to 'always' (this is not set by default), then MirrorSync will automatically re-write inserts as updates to avoid duplicate records, or error messages about duplicates. Improvements to detection for foreign keys, as well as skipping over any foreign keys referencing tables or columns that are not part of the sync. Improved validation for foreign key configuration Fixed a problem when using custom text primary keys of varying lengths (not UUIDs or serial numbers, which work fine without this fix). If the column that a foreign key is based on is excluded from the sync, the foreign key is now removed from the configuration and skipped  
      Improved Error Reporting
      Improved error reporting to users if the sync fails due to a permission error or timeout [Worker script] Many improvements to automatically handle and retry network problems; better logging to identify problems caused by slow networks [Worker script] When the offline file has external data sources pointing to non-existent files, MirrorSync responds with better error reporting.  
      More Improvements
      Additionally, we have added support for configurations and synchronization with FileMaker Cloud 2 (Please note: due to the limitations of FileMaker Cloud 2, it is not ideal for synchronization. Contact support@360works.com for additional details if you plan to use FileMaker Cloud 2).

      Visit the MirrorSync changelog for the complete list of all 50 improvements and fixes available in 6.1!
      Why MirrorSync?
      MirrorSync allows users to work on their own offline copy of a database on their iPad, iPhone, or laptop computer, even when they have slow or no connection to the internet when working from home or out in the field. It can also be used for server-to-server syncing between servers in different locations and with other distributed server models (i.e., clustering, load balancing). MirrorSync documentation for further information is available at the 360Works Documentation Wiki.
      MirrorSync Hosting and Consulting
      We offer both FileMaker Hosting and MirrorSync Hosting. If you host FileMaker with us, you get MirrorSync hosting free!
      *Purchase of MirrorSync licensing is required. MirrorSync is completely free to sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go with one device. Any additional configurations or seats are purchased as needed.

      Users running regular FileMaker Server on a Mac or Windows computer can install MirrorSync on their own server.

      We've designed MirrorSync to be something that even a novice user can integrate, but we're standing by when you need more advanced help. If you just want your sync integration to be completed as quickly as possible, we're available to do the work for you directly at our hourly consulting rates. Simply contact us to get started!
      Purchasing and Upgrading
      Existing MirrorSync 6 users can now upgrade to MirrorSync 6.1 at no additional cost. For users new to MirrorSync or past users with expired maintenance (maintenance expires one year after purchase date if not renewed), now is a great time to purchase a new MirrorSync license.

      If you need to check your maintenance on your MirrorSync license, visit the 360Works License Portal page. If you need to renew your maintenance or buy a new license, visit the MirrorSync product page.

      As always, MirrorSync is completely free to sync FileMaker Server with FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go with one device.

      Free 14-day MirrorSync server-to-server configuration trials are available upon request. Please contact us to request your free trial today.
      Get New Licensing, Upgrade, or Learn More: MirrorSync Product Page   Existing MirrorSync 6/Active Maintenance Users: Download the 6.1 Update Now 
      More questions? Email support@360works.com
    • By 360Works
      Email, Scribe, and FTPeek FileMaker Plugins Have New Updated Versions with Improvements
      Learn about the new updates available and download now!
      Last week we were excited to announce that all of our plugins are compatible with the new FileMaker 19 platform!

      This week, we have additional feature enhancements and improvements specific to three of our most popular plugins: 360Works Email, Scribe, and FTPeek.

      While these are minor updates, we encourage you to update now for the best experience using each plugin.
      Download new plugin versions and check out the latest improvements using the links below!
      360Works Email Plugin (Version: 3.316) - FileMaker plugin for sending and receiving emails using IMAP, SMTP, or POP, plus adds sending SMS/Text Messages from FileMaker capabilities.
      Added "attachmentsDir" parameter to EmailReadMessages, allowing users to specify a local directory where they want attachments downloaded. Downloaded attachments are now deleted when EmailDisconnect is called. Implemented a fix for some rare DHC issues that were occurring. Improved inline attachments in emails for better downloading. Reworked the "secureconnection" parameter. SecureConnection will now set both ssl and tls to true. However these can be set individually with "ssl=true" or "tls=true". This resolves issues with certain mail servers that require tls, but reject ssl. IMAP servers better retrieve the messageId and better loading of body structure in messages. 360Works Scribe Plugin - (Version: 4.0710) - FileMaker PDF plugin, OCR plugin, Microsoft Word and Excel integration - all in one.
      Improved how keywords are being pulled from PDFs. Improved Windows file-locking, temporary files are now deleted when ScribeDocCancel is called. Better conversion of Excel files to text with merged cells. Improved Textract results downloads for better accuracy. Improved inserting images into Excel documents. 360Works FTPeek Plugin - (Version 2.305) - FileMaker plugin that can upload, download, and manipulate remote files on an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server.
      Updated FTP libraries, resolving some connection issues. Reworked the Forcetrust parameter on FTPeek_ConnectFTPS. It should now accept most invalid certificates.
      Interested in Three or ALL Plugins from 360Works?
      Get the BEST DEAL with the Portfolio Bundle.
          Stay updated with 360Works
    • By Damien Huang
      I'm new to 360works so I'm using the demo version of Scribe.
      I have a problem with the plugin. The plugin seems to only load one document.
      When I tried loading other document .docx it would always load the first document.
      It seems that it loads the first document and keep it as a copy in the plugin and re-use it again and again.
      Is it because I have a demo version?
    • By Richard Carlton
      Claris just shipped FileMaker 19! Check out the Top 10 things you need to know about this release! New video courses (including a totally new player) will be shipping from RCC on Wednesday, May 27th.
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