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Sam Laundon

Upload Solutions?

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Has anyone out there found a solution to being able to upload a file. I am serving my web page with Mac OS X Server. I would like a solution that allows a FMPro form to be filled out and after being submitted the user would be taken to a upload page where a token would be carried over to a form field they had filled out in the form and then they would be able to upload up to 3 files.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Complex question. Partial answer.

Form is submitted through an action tag (-new, -edit) and results page (-format=results.htm) is displayed. One possibility might be that format file results.htm contain a conditional along the lines (could be a bit more complex than this, use as a guide only)

[fmp-if: token .eq. fieldname]

Display files which can be downloaded


download links


Sorry, but you can't go there.

Click this button to complete the necessary form <a button with an a href>


Now what do you mean, "being able to upload a file"?

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Thanks for you answer Keith. What I mean by "upload file" is: my clients send me photos that we retouch. I would like them to be able to upload jpg photos. I know this can't be done through FMPro, but I was hoping someone had a good cgi or php solution to this problem.

Thanks again.

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