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Additional legal page when printing pdf

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Dear Filemakers.

I've developed an ERP and CRM all together for my company and I'm stuck in a layout for printing.

As soon layout is ready to print I would like to add an extra fixed page with all the legal notice in a tiny font. How could I do to merge an extra page at the end of the document with all the legal content. 

Kind Regards and thank you very much, 

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So if you are talking about printing directly, user hits print button - you want it to print the document they see but then add a second page from another layout in the same print job?

There isn't a way in FMP to collect prints from different layouts in the same print operation, you would need to construct a PDF and then append to that pdf. Then present the user the PDF to print.



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If the print is scripted, you could simply add another Print instruction at the end, using a different layout. 

You could also add this to your existing layout, but if you are already using a trailing grand summary part, it will be difficult to create a page break before the legal notice.


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I have just noticed that the title says "printing pdf". Filemaker does not print PDFs. You can either print, or save records to a PDF file. These are similar, but not same. If you're saving to PDF then appending as suggested earlier by Ocean West would be the easiest route.


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