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Best way to calculate related field total

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I have a master table that needs to calculate the total value from many fields in a related, child table. The total must be shown –not necessarily stored– in the master table layout.

I wonder what's the best option:

  1. Create a non-stored calculation field in the master table with Sum (child::value) or
  2. Just display a child table summary field with the total of child::value

Both options seems to work but I would like to know if there's any difference in performance, is option 2 better than 1?

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Depends on your situation and how it’s deployed, how many child records, etc.

Simple enough to try both ways and test performance.  

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3.  Script any edit or creation or deletion of a child and set the total value in the parent. 
4. use a on record commit trigger to set the total in the parent. 

both are methods to avoid the unstored  value  in the parent. 

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