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Works in Pro/Not in Go: Scroll Window [To Selection]

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[Cross Post - I posted this as Claris Community, but didn't get any bites after 24 hours]

I am trying to scroll to the active record in List view.

It works perfectly in Pro (19).

I am running the script from Go (iPhone) using the FileMaker Network (lightning cable to my Mac)

I cannot get it to work in Go. It goes to the right record and field because I can manually scroll to it, but the script won't do it.

Here is the simple script:


Go to Field [Select/Perform; Person::FirstName]

Scroll Window [To Selection]


It doesn't budge in Go.

I have used a dialog window/Data Viewer to confirm I'm actually in the right field and on the right record, but Go will not scroll to it.

I have tried every imaginable combination of Pause/Refresh Window/Scroll Home/Scroll End, etc.

Nothing in the docs indicate it should work differently between Pro/Go.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm in List view with a sort based on Urgency (Urgent, Concerned, Regular).

I go to a card window (same context, not that it matters) that has three stars for urgency. I change the Urgency.

I close the card window that returns me to List view. The same/right record is selected in Pro/Go, as it should be. But, Pro is still showing that record even if it moved 100 spots due to being a different Urgency. Go doesn't. I can't get Go to scroll to that record, even though it is even selecting a field on that record. I can scroll down a few pages and there it is, on the right record with the Go To Field ready to edit.

I tested it by using Scroll Window [Home] and Scroll Window [End] instead and it scrolls to the top and bottom accordingly. So, I know it is executing that line of code.

This one really has me baffled... 

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