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Filemaker Server 18 Dashboard Continually Refreshing

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I am using Filemaker Server 18 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Been using it for years with no issues

Currently when I log in to the console it is very sluggish.

When I get to the Dashboard it shows No databases, then it auto refreshes and the database list appears.

Within 15 seconds of scrolling the database list to open files the screen refreshes. This situations is happening over and over in a loop.

Any Thoughts on what is causing this issue?





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      We run several FMS18 instances on Mac OSX machines. 
      Randomly, more often on Fri / Sat / Sun, Filemaker server will shut down and disconnect all clients - curiously always at the same time, around 11:55 PM - , and I am unable to restart it from the command line and the web admin drops offline. The only way to bring it back to life is to reboot the entire machine. 
      Is there any scheduled update job at 11:55 PM that I should be aware of that would cause this behavior? 
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