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Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing since IOS 14.2 upgrade(iPhone)

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  • ironsuit changed the title to Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing since IOS 14.2 upgrade(iPhone)

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    • By mvoogt
      Hi have a PDF that I annotated on my iPad. I upload this pdf to a container field in FM Go. If I go to my desktop FM Pro, I can see the annotations just fine in the container preview however on FM Go, the annotations do not display in the preview.
      If I export the pdf from the the container, the annotations are indeed there.
      What can I do to get the annotations to show in the container preview in FM Go (as they do on FM Pro on the desktop).
    • By mvoogt
      I'm on iOS. I'm using iOS shortcuts and FM Go.
      In FM Go, I send a container's PDF to iOS shortcuts via a x-callback-url with an "input" of the Base64Encode PDF. I annotate the PDF in iOS Shortcuts. I then send the annotated PDF back to FM Go to insert it back into the container...however there seems to be some characters in the Base64encode fmp url parameter that can't be passed in the URL coming back.
      Is there something I can do to further encode this Base64 script parameter (that is the annotated PDF) so that it will pass back to FM Go via the URL.
    • By Wickerman
      Hi -- I have a few iPad solutions I created awhile back, where I hid the upper and lower toolbars from view.  but as I recall, there was a swing gesture I could use to reveal them -- I thought it was swiping down with 3 fingers . . . but this seems no longer to work?  
      Can someone jog my memory on this?  I just need to be able to reveal the "Find" function temporarily.
    • By Nuos
      Hey Folks
      Im sure this is asked but I can't figure it out. I don't want to link a file in the data schema - I just want to open it from an existing file while in go
      Created a button with single step, "Insert from URL Target:Selector::g_insertURL ; "fmp://Cleaners.fmp12" where g_insertURL is a global field and is on the layout.
      Get error 5 Command Invalid
      FM 19 on Mac
    • By pvonk
      I defined a calendar in a test solution on my Mac.  Looks great.  On the iPad Pro, the calendar does appear in the layout, but tapping on an event (that was defined as editable when I created an event on the Mac) does nothing.  Am. I missing something?
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