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Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing since IOS 14.2 upgrade(iPhone)


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  • ironsuit changed the title to Filemaker Go 15 instantly crashing since IOS 14.2 upgrade(iPhone)
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This is an old post, but I had the same problem, this is how I solved it.

1. Delete FileMaker go 15 from the ipad

2. Open the app store

3. Click on your picture

4. Click purchases

5. At the top, switch to “not on this iPad”

6. Scroll down to “FileMaker go 15”

7. Click download (the little cloud icon)

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JJAllison1, This solved my problem, too easy of a solution, I had tried everything else and had become discouraged thinking that Filemaker 15 was simply conflicting with the new apple OS.   THANKS!!!  

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Glad to hear it.  I saw your OP back in November when this happened to me, and have been struggling along on my iPhone with FMG15 for months. Today for some reason, I was in the App Store and noticed there was a list of all apps I’ve ever bought. I checked the Claris website and saw that FM Go 15 is supported on my iPad, and on any iOS over 9.  Well, then it dawned on me... maybe delete-reinstall.  Poof, like magic. It worked.  After I was done I remembered this post, and thought I’d pass along the solution for other poor souls still using 15.  Glad it helped!

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