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Functions are missing, and unavailable in the Script Workspace

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Hey Guys!  I am having an issue with my Script Workspace.   I am trying to use common functions like GET(CurrentDate) or GET(QuickViewText), but they are not "found".   I can type them out, but when I hit "enter" the line disappears in the workspace.   They are also missing from my "Steps" window on the right side of the workspace.  I searched for "Get", and all I get is "Get Data File Position", "Get FIle Exists", "Get File Size" and "Get Folder Path".   Nothing else.    If I go into Manage Custom Functions, I can see them listed in the Edit window.     Any thoughts?


I'm on FileMaker

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The Get() functions are not script steps they are available in the calc engine inside a Set Variable / Set Field or Set Calculated Result


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