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I have a multi platform, multi user database system which is menu driven...

it has a file for phone messages, timesheets, purchase sheets, calendar, etc.

the employees now want me to devise a back button so no matter where they are, they can press back and go back tot he layout they had just come from...

The problem is that there are about 15 files with relationships....and I don't know where to begin to create a back button...



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Check out the 'Jazz Stack' plugin at


There is a go-back example provided for use on a single database file. First understand how the example works. Then modify the example so that rather than saving (pushing) just a record ID each time, you save (push) a combination like "dbname recordID". On retrieval (pop) you can separate both items using the 'Left Words' script step, and go to the correct dbname and then recordID.


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Try This example.

Download the attachment.

Great for Multi User or single user with a Single interface Solutions.

The way it works. When you click a nav button. It sets a global with the current layout Number. As you go the global keep track of the layout number you been to. With the last layout at the top. I use a calc field to grab the top number. The back button uses the go to layout by field, I use the calc field. Then it deletes the top number form the History field.

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And then I noticed that the global "history" is not to cleared when the application is quit, so anyone using this may want to include a script to be performed on opening:

Clear [select, "history"]

So that a previous history is not present which might confuse a client at opening.

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This topic is 6675 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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