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Tab Control Calculated Label

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I have some simple calculated labels on a tab control that I'm trying to use in FM Go 19 and they aren't displaying as expected.  Simple label of something like "Notes (4)" where the counter is calculated by a basic Count () function of the rows in the portal on that tab.

On the fat client it works great.  On FM Go 19 it just comes out as "Notes".  Everything after the space is gone.  Normal label data that is just TEXT works great with a space so that doesn't appear to be the issue.  It's when the label contains any kind of number that it wigs out.  If I try a static label of "1. Notes" it comes out as just "1."  The number and period display but that's it.

Anyone know what the heck is going on?

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Yep.  The count is actually working fine.  The fat FM client displays the label(s) correctly with the Label (count) format.  It's just FM Go 19 that seems to have a bug that prevents it from working correctly with a label with a number in it.  Even a static string with a number in it fails to display correctly.  Give it a try if you have access to an FM server hosting a file that FM Go can get to.

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