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Combining data from 2 portals

nabil deeb

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Dear All, 

I am trying to combine data from 2 portals (different portal names) which belong to the same table. I need to create crosses by combining (all possible combinations) all selected parents from the portal on the left (portal.female) with those selected from the portal on the right (portal.male). The result in this example should look like:

18 x 67

18 x 70

18 x 75

The result should appear in a different window as a pre-cross list. Then, I need to select from this list my final crossing list.

Any help would be highly appreciated. 



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This is not going to be simple, I think. Let's start with a better understanding of what you have: are these two portals based on two different relationships, using two different occurrences of the portal table? Or are they just filtered differently?

Now, regarding what you want to have: you do realize that in order to have a list of combinations to select from, you need to have a record for each combination in another table? So the most feasible solution would be a scripted process?



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Thank you so much for your quick response. The portals are based on the same relationship just filtered differently. They are fed from the same table which has the whole list of the parental lines. I can make a second occurrence if this can help. Thanks again

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Okay, so what exactly do you want to do with those combinations? If you create them as new records in another table, what should happen to already existing records? If you want to keep these, what about possible duplicates? And once this is done, what should happen to the portal selections - do you intend to keep them? There are quite a few options here; the more you tell us about what this process is about, the better we can advise you.

In general, I see 3 steps here:

  1. Collect the selected values into 2 variables;
  2. Create the combinations as records in another table;
  3. Clean up.

This may surprise you, but step #2 is actually the easy part here. It's step #1 that is the most problematic. If there's no need to keep the selections at the end of the process, you might be better off selecting directly into the variables, instead of marking the actual records (this would be also required in a multi-user scenario, where each user might have their own selections).



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Creating the combinations as new records in another table works very well for me. Duplication is fine in the new table but warning would be good to know that this cross has been done before because I may need to do the cross again to multiply more seeds.

No need to keep the portal selections after creating the cross combinations. Selecting directly into the variable is a very good idea. I can try this step, however, creating the combination looks harder for me. Could you please help more?

The objective is to create some new hybrids every year. Having a new table with all these created crosses will help to track the work over the years.

Many many thanks.

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