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Hi, I use 'http_referer' for a very similar purpose, but I found I had to use SSI as Filemaker doesn't recognise the command.

it would work like this:

<!--#hide--><!--#show var="HTTP_REFERER" value="http://myfilemakerdomain:591/directorypath/FMPro"-->

[FMP-SETCOOKIE: =mycookiestuff]

rest of the page


<!--#hide var="HTTP_REFERER" value="http://myfilemakerdomain:591/directorypath/FMPro"-->

access denied

I also had HUGE cross-browser problems with these FileMaker cookies which refused to work with Windows Explorer - see the 'help with web page cookie' thread in the 'services/solutions wanted'section

regards, jeff

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Could you be a little more specific on the use of the SSI? I've not used them before. I added in your text, changed the path, enabled SSI for .html pages on IIS. I don't know what's supposed to actually happen. And then what can you do with it?



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Hi, sorry to be so long replying. The SSI are a command set that is native to Unix and Linux and also ported to Webstar with the same syntax. I believe that NT webservers also support it, but the syntax might be different. The example I posted should work on all three platforms, but you'll have to check the manual for one of Mr G's boxes!

It's actually a really simple language with not many actions, but as you can nest a lot of simple commands you can do quite a lot. Its great advantage is that it is totally server-side and the commands don't get transmitted at all, so it can be more secure that either cookies or Javascript in the page, both of which can be read by the nerds.

regards, jeff

[ December 04, 2001: Message edited by: Jeff Spall ]

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This topic is 8124 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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