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Unlimited auto open Server DB's

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We have a FM5 Server hosting DB's, and an Unlimited5 system web serving those DB's. Although Server will auto-open local DB's if restarted, I cannot find a way to have Unlimited go out and auto-open all databases from Server. We've created a script which contains the path for those DB's and use oAzium Events to go out every x-minutes to open any DB's that are closed (closed for changes, etc). Is there ANY way to script the opening of a mass of DB's, within a folder, without calling out the databases by name? Greatly appreciate any help.

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We've already done that. We're new to FM scripting. What we've done is manually enter each database to open. What we'd like is to point to a folder and say "open everything in there." Is there a way to open everything in a place or do we have to specify each database?


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If you are using a Mac you might be able to call an applescript that would do a "select all" and then "open" within a specified folder...

It would be more of an applescript issue than a FMP one.


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This topic is 7283 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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