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Which product is for me???


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I have been trying to figure out if Filemaker, webcompanion, and or the combination of filemaker server can be used to build a web page database like the one here in this site:


My problem is updating prices in a chart like this makes me loose all the graphics and links. I know that there are programs doing some of this, but I don't know what they are using.

Filemaker, Visual interDev, Sql Server, or?

Does anyone know?

I have lincensed

  • 11 filemaker pro5
  • 1 filemaker developer
  • 1 filemaker server

But I don't know if this does what I need.

Post or eamil me at 19 at bmpdesign.net (just take out the spaces and replace the at with @).


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The basic confiiguration would be FM Server on its own machine, Web Server (i.e. Apache) on its own machine, and finally Filemaker Unlimited (which includes Web Companion) on its own machine.

The FM Unlimited makes the databases served by FM Server available to the web site which is served by the web server.

Really the "magic" that you see happening on alot of these website is NOT driven by the database engine, but it part of the HTML or CGI or Java which is designed into the website.

The database backend is just that, a database backend and will allow you to lookup and update lots of information, but is controlled by your website.

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This topic is 8110 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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