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Remote FM working - dsl very slow ???

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We finally have both ends set up (one on each coast) so that they work - sort of. We have FM 5 and Server here with one person on the East coast connecting with TCP/IP. Unfortunately, it is VERY slow. We have dsl.net. He has a Verizon dsl connection that is in a "pool" with one other user. It took a while to figure out that we had to set our firewall to allow the pool IP address rather than his actual computer IP. As a test, we had him use his dial-up (56K modem) connection. It was actually FASTER than using the dsl. Is there a known issue with Verizon? We seem to have boiled this problem down to a dsl/connection thing. What should be our approach?

Thanks once again ???-)


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Well you could look to a faster/higher bandwidth connection than DSL, such as from a cable provider, but this may or may not improve things.

What I would suggest is a remote access solution.

Basically you setup a computer on your end with all the necessary software (i.e. Filemaker Pro) as well as a remote control program such as Timbuktu.

The other person then connects to this machine with thier own copy of Timbuktu and operates this remore machine. Since it is sitting on your LAN the speed should be pretty fast. Only the screens, mouse and keyboard gets transmitted over the internet.

This kind of solution is best when you are dealing with a couple of remote users. Once you hit 10 or so a solution like Citrix becomes a more cost effective option.

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Have Verizon check the circuits. What is the committed bandwidth for your ADSL or SDSL?

Also, the principal cause of slow remote access over braodbanc is file architecture.

Try having the remote user open to an empty layout with a null found set and go from there.


Old Advance Man

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This topic is 8095 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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