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FMP Directory Upload Question

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Although Anatoli is right about it being mainly a web server and browser thing, I did see a few question, and answers, about uploading to FileMaker via a web browser.

To use FileMaker and web browser to upload would sort of require import to FMP then export to its local directory, else it's only a web thing.

Searching FMForum with the word upload yielded 93 topics and from the 40 first ones display, the first three title are significative enough.

February 23, 2001 Using FileMaker Online Import pictures online

March 28, 2001 Using FileMaker Online file uploads

March 30, 2001 Using FileMaker Online individual hyperlinks

April 05, 2001 Using FileMaker Online Suggestions for Serving Database on WEB

April 12, 2001 Using FileMaker Online home page connection assistant woes

May 08, 2001 Using FileMaker Online Help! Apple Scripts to use with WebStar's file uploading...



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Web Companion (the FMP web server) does not support file uploads. Period.

If you want to get pictures into an FMP database, do it through the client, not through a web browser.

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I have been using a 'not-so-elegant' method. My web-site is hosted by www.webcentral.com.au they use ASP as a tool for building web-applications. One of the components made available to clients, like myself, is a file-upload utility by http://www.softartisans.com

This works well. I am also able to separate the other data and assign it to VBScript variables. I can then output an html page ,containing a form (for posting to my FMP site), which is 'auto-submitted' by the browser using the 'onload()' function of the "body" tag.

My next trick is to use a Java servelet to receive the file and then directly update the database by a url from another Java servelet (not JDBC). I'm trying to find the time to develop this one.

All the best.


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I am looking for a way to allow a user to upload into a directory.

Maybe this isn't even a FileMaker Pro question... but let me explaine further.

I have an html page that has a form submission, I want the user to click on a button, upload a photo from their local machine to a predefined server directory.

Once they upload the photo, I want the name of that photo to enter into a field so when the users clicks submit it becomes a part of the record.

Any clue on how to do this?

I'm using webstar, which has the .upload feature, but lacks in cusomization.

I'd appreciate any information.

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Thanks for all the info... I'm going to proccess it all and see what I can come up with.

I'm not really concerned about the an image, per say, because the way I have it setup is the field contains the image name...

I use CDML to link the image to a predefined directory, based on the field name.

So the html is looking for

/my/path/to/file/[fmp-field: imageName]

which ends up looking like this


So I guess I'm just looking for a way to automatically add that name based on the upload to the directory...

After reading your posts, I'm seeing why it's not a FMP thing at all, really this should be solved using some other technique.

Is there a way for FMP to look at the contents of a directory on the local machine? Perhaps I am looking at this incorrectly.

I'm on a Mac server, with minimal hits, so I'm not looking at PHP, ASP options etc.

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This topic is 8069 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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