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Distance Finder

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Originally by Jack Karnes (special thanks) , modify by INO

You have more then 1.200 locations all the around world with longitude & latitude positions !

When choose two locations, automatically calc distance in miles & kilometers !

For non-commercial use free ! For commercial use ask for fee !

Happy FileMakering



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Hi ino,

First, let me thank you for sharing your recent contributions.

However, your file "Locations" did not make the trip well. Your file distancefinder.fp5 is looking for it, I see it in the folder, but FileMaker doesn't see it, nor will it open it by dropping it on to FileMaker application.


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It worked for me, OS 10.3.2, FM 6. I opened Locations first, since it was the one to test. But it all works fine for me. Haven't tried in OS 9 yet, but I imagine it should be fine.

Locations appears to be a data file, which is only used once, imported into DistanceFinder.fp5. Perhaps you could do the import manually? Odd though, it has a creator code of "FMP5", I can't see why it wouldn't open. Perhaps you should do a Rebuild Desktop (OS 9). That often fixes these little misunderstandings.

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The problem is that the locations file doesn't have the .fp5 extension, and was compressed in zip format, so the Mac OS can't recognize the file type without additional help. You should be able to drag and drop the locations file on the filemaker application icon and have the file type set automatically.

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H Ino!

Thanx for sharing your files, much apprechiated...however, I have to warn you about:

"For non-commercial use free ! For commercial use ask for fee !"

this is: Sample Files & Open Source Solutions

I would suggest a different approach as 99.9 % of people here are developers or wanting to learn not really to buy per say...

if u need to advertise and sell your work then make your own site or link people to an external source or talk to admin about putting up some banners...if u want to share your knowledge GREAT but then edit the files in the manner that it shows concepts; don't post "full" solutions and expect $$$ for it...otherwise some of these developers wuld be retired on sample files alone.... wink.gif ....just a suggestion if ur really wanting to make some $$$ and not feel like ur "giving too much"

All the best!

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I could really make use of a sultion that would give me mileage breakdown of states. For instance, If I could supply the database with a origin address and a destination address and then get a breakdown of mileage by route and state.

Their are apps that do this but they are incredibly costly.

Mapquest and other mapping programs only give me total mileage for a trip. I would like to break it down by state. To do that you have to purchase something like promiles or prophecy. Very expensive stuff.

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