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Help using file container fields

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Hi there,

I'm having a little trouble getting a file container field to properly locate a file when the database is moved to another computer. I'll explain the details...

The database is of practice song files for my band. The song files are in folders named by the date, and the filemaker file is in the root folder of all these date folders. If I copy the root folder, which includes the filemaker file and all the song files, to another computer, the container that references the file(which is used to play the audio file from within filemaker) no longer has anything in it and I must reload.

I guess what I need is a way to instruct filemaker of a "relative" path where it can always be sure to find these files.

Can anyone help?



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Search this forum section on relative naming. Very early on there was some great discussion on the details of naming these files. It becomes quite problematic when moving from one computer to another, as the folder you eventually put them in could have a different user. I have had the best luck when the files are all in the same folder as the database file in the document folder of the current user. I understand your problem needing differing folders for diferring dates for the same song.

Why not store them directly into the database instead of as a reference. Then the whole database could be moved anywhere you like, by copying only one file.

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Thanks for the tips dkemme.

The problem with storing the files in the database is that I need the ability to play the sound clip from within the database. It's far too tedious to export it every time I want to play it back.

Unless there is a way to do this?

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If it is a filetype that QuickTime can play then you should be able to play the clip from the container.

Also, if you're on a Mac then you could use AppleScript to open the clip in (for example) QuickTime player.

In that case you would only store the path to the clip(s) in textfields.

I use a technique like that for a sound effects database.

Each sound effect (originally from a CD) is stored in hierarchy consisting of a folder that holds all extracted tracks from that CD, All 'CD folders' are stored in a folder with the name of the CD-library. The path to each file is then calculated by concatenating a textfield for the filename, a textfield for the surrounding CD folder, a textfield for the Libraryfolder and one for the Volume name.

This makes it really easy to move the audiofiles to other discs.

If you're on a Mac and need more info on playing an audio file via AppleScript, triggered by Filemaker then let me know...



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This topic is 6507 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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