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Field Changes Format in Report Mode

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Wow you guys I hope this is an easy one smile.gif

Here is the set up:

I have fields that I can enter information in these fields are formated for Numbers ($ & 1,000 seperators)...This is great...But when I bring these same field in the form of <<amount>> to my report they change into percentages (%). Why and How can I stop this...I can not make just fields on my report b/c there are in a paragraph. This is a huge problem for me.

I have come up with makeing these field just text fields and that works fine. But what a pain to enter information and also have to formate it yourself....Very slow..

Thank you

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Windows 2000

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There are no cells in FileMaker. There are fields, and whether they are normal fields or merge fields, you can select and format them in Layout Mode. If they are merge fields that are part of a larger text group or solo, you can format them by either right-clicking on them/the group or selecting them and using the Format menu. What DO you see when you right-click on the merge field or its text group?

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In Layout Mode, when you go to format the number, do not select the text in the text field. Click on the ENTIRE field, so that the field has little squares at all four corners of the field.

With the entire field selected, click on the Format menu. Select the Number option. From there you can format any numbers in the text field with the appropriate currency symbols.


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This topic is 6470 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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