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Hyperlinks in HTML Export


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Hey all,

I'm a beginner to FMP and I have a question about exporting my database to HTML.

I'm creating a database for a research group which will store information on all the publications written by our researchers. One of the things we want to do with this database is to create static HTML pages containing the data. One of the fields in the database is a Link field, which will contain a filename that we hope to link to a PDF version of the publication.

The most efficient way to handle this would be of course to export my database to HTML. That's fine. The problem is that I want to do this in such a way that the Link field automatically becomes a hyperlink in the final HTML output, so that you can click on it and it leads to some PDF file.

Of course, I don't actually think one can do this just by exporting to HTML, as it seems like there's no way to customize the outputted HTML pages. But knowing my problem, does anyone know of any possible solution? I was considering exporting to XML and maybe converting that to HTML; I'm not terribly knowledgeable about that process either, but I'm wondering if that's even a viable option.

Thanks so much!

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This topic is 6434 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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