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Strange Results with TexttoNum (FM 6)

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This is weird:

Create a text field, call it FieldA.

Create a calculation (number) call it Calc set it = texttonum(FieldA) -- just for kicks, set it to always calculate


Enter "A" into the fieldA, calc is blank

Enter "F" into fieldA, calc is 0

Enter "T" or "Y" into fieldA, calc is 1

I ran across this while testing for numbers in a string (if the string contains a numeric value, run scriptA, if not, run scriptB, etc etc ...) Anyway, I was getting strange behavior while testing since I had fieldA set to "test".

Couldn't find it listed as a bug anywhere, not sure what the deal is. Just thought it strange.


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True, False, T, F, Yes, No, etc. converts to 0 and 1 in versions prior to 7. The usual trick is to use something like TextToNum( "a" & field ) to avoid this issue.

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And these results are also sensitive to the version you're using.

The french version would for ex. have a 1 for O, "Oui", V, "Vrai" and a 0 for F, "Faux", N, "Non"

I'd assume each language would have its own translation and shortcuts as well, so be careful to how far your solution can be distributed...

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