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Some type of Ecape button...

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While working in browse mode, if the user accidently hits a button to add a record or to find a record, what's the best way to cancel the operation?? (Cancel or Escape button)

I can't seem to get anything to work...

In the layout i use, the first field is a number field with validation to prevent it from being empty and must have a unique value.

So i end up stuck with an error message that will not let me cancel, i can't even go from browse mode to layout mode.



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When you say button, you mean one that is attached to a script that you defined?

It really depends on you & your users. If when you click a button it goes of and crates or finds or performs a script instantly you might, consider showing a message. "Are you sure you want to do this" and give the user the option to cancel. It may be more of a training issue than an implementaion issue. Or perhaps the buttons are in an area of the screen that lend them self to accidential click'ture.

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I HATE (can I say this again, HATE) field level validation. At best it is cumbersome to use and most often leave the user stuck in a situation that they cannot resolve.

I NEVER (can I say this again, NEVER) use field level validation. If you need to validate fields, then take the user to a particular layout (under scripted control) and only let them out after the fields have either passed validation or the record is deleted.

This way you can explicitly control the validation, plus provide scripted feedback to the user on what the problem is and allow the user ways to resolve the problems.

You can also apply this to finds and such. Do not simply let the user go into Find mode. have them click a button which takes them to a layout or dialog with a "Cancel" Button.

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This topic is 7305 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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