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Alphabetize the scripts in Scriptmaker?

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Can't tell what version of FM you are using because info box went away with last night's change (Hope we get it back soon).

Anyway, the only utility that I know of that will do this is ScriptOrganizer, by New Millennium Communcations, Inc.

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Hi bd,

According to the information at the site for ScriptOrganizer (URL in my last post), it does do this.

Are you saying it doesn't?

I played with the demo a couple of times, but it is limited to the sample file. However, I didn't notice it Not doing what it says it will do.

Lee confused.gif

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"rather than viewing them in the order they were created?"

Well, you have *never* had to do that - you do know that you can position them manually, right?

How many scripts are you talking about?

Yes, this can be done with Applescript.

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This is kind of off the original topic. I just wouldn't find it useful to sort script alphabetically; unless I'd used a system to name them with that in mind. I have found a method for files with lots of scripts (which will be happening more with many tables in a file; though the number of scripts needed in 7 is less per table).

I call it the "table of contents" method. Basically, when you're viewing the scripts, typing a number will scroll to a script starting with that number. So, you create a script with no steps, with only a number for its name, 1, 2, 3, etc.. The trick is to put it at the BOTTOM of the section you want to see. You need at least one per "screen" of scripts.

Then, at the top, you create your "table of contents." You include the number, but inside brackets, so it doesn't respond to the number key.

[0] Navigation

[1] Printing

[2] Invoices


Several small sections can share 1 number, just put the section names in the line above where they belong. But the actual number script at the bottom of the last one.

The table of contents above is just so you know which number to type; it doesn't do anything.

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This topic is 7212 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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