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checkbox and popup menu edited, what happens to


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I have a whole database of information, some of the fields are selected either by checkboxes or popup menu, the question that i am asking is that when you edit the popup menus or checkboxes, the already created information selected from those boxes remain the same and does not change to what you have edited it to, therefore leaving two types of the same fields but with different name, is there a way to change the current fields to whatever I have modified them to?

My current solution would be to create a .NET program to interact with the database and change them, but I want to know is there a way to do it in FileMaker.

The version of FileMaker that I am using is FileMaker5.5 (Customer requirements)

Thanks for your time!


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If this is a one-time thing, using a Replace (under the records menu) will probably be the easiest. It allows you to change the value of a field on all records in the found set. You can use Replace to set a static value, a serial value, or a calculated value. In this case, you'd want a calculated value:

Substitute(MyField, "SearchText", "ReplacementText")

You should be careful using the Replace command, as there is no Undo. Make sure you backup before hand.

If you are trying to allow users to update these values, or this will be deployed in a multi-user system, then the Replace is probably not the best choice. In this case a script with a loop to set the value in each record would be better. Though if the values are frequently changing, then going to a relational design for the values may work, depending on what kind of changes are involved.

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An even easier way to do this is to.

Find all records meeting the criteria to be changed.

Change the first record to the new value

Leave your cursor behind what you just entered

Go to Menu >> Records >> Replace

Click the button Replace

As Ender stated, be sure the Found Set are the Records that need to be changed, as it is not Undoable.


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[color:"blue"] p.s. Please update your profile to reflect your platform, operating system and version of FileMaker, the link is the word " [color:"blue"] profile " in the box on the left below your name.


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This topic is 7213 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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